Mat Bickley

Bickley, Mat

  • Position: Marketing Consultant
  • Company: Stephen Lawrence Trust

Mat Bickley is a Senior Brand & Marketing Consultant with over 20 years experience working with Consumer and Lifestyle brands. As Baroness Lawrence’s cousin, and Stephens closest family member in age - only a few years his senior. Matthew and Stephen grew up together in South London and shared many common interests. In the months following Stephens death, Matthew worked closely with family lawyer Imran Khan and coordinated with all the specialist interest groups vying for control. He was instrumental in setting up the foundations of the Stephen Lawrence campaign, which has continued to run for over 25 years. Mat took the decision to collaborate with Rogan Films, and to share his account of the Stephen’s story, because this was first credible project to approach him in the 25 year history of the campaign, and he felt the first real opportunity to participate in an open and balanced documentation of events and activity surrounding Stephens story and his role in British history.