Sheffield Doc/Fest's Arts Programme (formerly Alternate Realities) is a space for experimentation, exploring narrative through research and bringing together varied forms and languages. The exhibition we produce is a group show, allowing for the discovery of a multiplicity of artists, artworks and practices in non-fiction from around the world, advocating for a critical and reflective space.
As the balance around us shifts, we develop new channels for artistic expression, in welcoming in depth insights into atelier culture and research, we question the notion of interactivity and remain true to the artform and its authenticity.

  1. Autumn Exhibition: Ghosts & Apparitions
    Autumn Exhibition: Ghosts & Apparitions

    'Ghosts & Apparitions' is a group exhibition programme of digital art at Site Gallery by UK and international artists and collectives which explore current realities, a dramatised reality and an alternate reality.

  2. Artist Spotlight #1: Kitty Clark
    Artist Spotlight #1: Kitty Clark

    The first in a new series of insights into the work, research material, processes and theories that form the practices of the artists and collectives of our 'Ghosts & Apparitions' exhibition programme.